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Change username in Win10 ++

Posted: 2018-12-27 12:05pm
by The Infidel
OK, as my previous installation of Windows 10 slowly became senile to such a degree that even "repair PC" would not work, I have now formated the system drive and reinstalled Windows 10 on it. I have a digital license, so I entered it when asked and saw my old desktop background picture emerge. This is good, I thought, because it means installation got some of my old settings from OneDrive (I disconnected every drive except system while doing this.)

OK, that was yesterday. About an hour ago, I found out that my user catalog (old: C:\users\abcdefgh ) have changed name, so only the first 5 letters of my username is present (C:\users\abcde). This is the digitally certified administrator account. What I found on the net seems a bit overcomplicated, so any suggestions about how to change it to my old user name without breaking anything?

This is what I found on the net: ... 4e1c08b510

BTW: Anyone got some experience with Seems like you can install lots of programs in one go, but I am slightly worried about how the programs will be set up, like WinRAR: I like to let zipped folders be opened with the built in system (not WinRAR), but like to use WinRAR to compress stuff.

Re: Change username in Win10 ++

Posted: 2018-12-27 02:08pm
by Dominus Atheos
How important to you is it that the name of your user folder be your full username and not just the first 5 letters? Very important? Because if it is not very important, it's really not worth the trouble.

Change your current account to a local account. Make a new local user account with the correct full name, without signing in to any microsoft account for it. Change it to an administrator. Log into it. Now change it to a microsoft account, the same one you are logged into before you started doing this. Delete your old user account.

Re: Change username in Win10 ++

Posted: 2018-12-27 05:19pm
by The Infidel
Not very important, mostly anoying. Windows likes to mess with me in subtle, and sometimes not so subtle ways.