Youtube bot changing people's posts?

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Youtube bot changing people's posts?

Post by Formless » 2018-10-21 06:33pm

Just watch.

What is going on here? Has anyone on this board seen this happen themselves? I noticed someone in the comments section of the video state that they had seen it happen when they were posting to a video with lots of Russian posts, and it stopped happening when they turned off Google Translate (meaning this was happening because of a GT bug). However, other comments claim that Facebook is doing this as well, and most of the comments are pretty conspiratorial-- but considering YT's behavior towards channels focusing on certain kinds of content (and Google's frankly unhealthy love affair with AI moderating video content) for once it doesn't seem like an unjustified paranoia.

And if this is actually Google experimenting with automatic moderation, is this even legal, or is it (as some folks under the video claim) potentially a form of libel to change a person's speech so fundamentally and still post it under their name?
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Re: Youtube bot changing people's posts?

Post by bilateralrope » 2018-10-21 07:23pm

This would be a bad thing if it's happening. But:
- The libel risk seems a big deal. One Google's lawyers would be very wary about. Especially when the proven harm would likely be person a seeing an edited post by person b (who they know personally) then going and beating them up over it.
- The video seems like it would be an easy thing to fake. Just make your own website that looks like Youtube and record it doing what you want.
- I'm not seeing any of the comments from other people claiming they have seen it happen. The only source I've seen, so far, is that one video.
- The timing, this close to the US midterms, is a suspicious coincidence.
- Facebook pulling something like this at around the same time as Google seems very unlikely as they are completely separate companies.

I'm going to be skeptical about this even happening until I see some more sources.

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