Alas, it is time to upgrade

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Alas, it is time to upgrade

Post by Aether » 2018-10-12 12:45am

My X-BOX 360 DVD drive has died. Obviously, I can still use the apps like Netflix and YouTube which serves as it's second function.

I am contemplating either fixing the DVD drive, or upgrading to a new system.

I see that there is an XBOX One X which is apparently true 4k gaming, but I only have a 1080p TV. The TV is 10 years old, so that may be an upgrade in a year or two. So, who here has an XBOX One (S or X)?

I would consider a PS4, but I already have a library of XBOX/360 games, current subscription to XBOX Live, and don't really think I would miss out on exclusives. I know God of War is supposed to be fantastic, but one awesome title isn't enough for me to forgo the previously mentioned snags.

Any opinions? I am thinking of sticking with Microsoft and get a One X and hope it lasts another 10 years.

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Re: Alas, it is time to upgrade

Post by Starglider » 2018-10-12 01:21pm

I have an Xbox One X. It is not 'true 4K gaming'. It will output a 4K signal but games are usually rendered at about 1600p and scaled up, and most console games run at 30 FPS. My desktop has two Radeon Vega Frontier Liquid Editions in Crossfire, and that does render native 4K usually at a stable 60 FPS. That said while the PC does look a bit better (sharper, smoother, better shading), the X1X is still fine for the gaming I do (I don't play competitive FPS where 60 FPS would be mandatory). That said my Xbox is connected to a HDR 4K laser projector while the PC just has a conventional non-HDR 4K monitor, so the Xbox does look more flashy in HDR-friendly scenes.

I actually bought the Xbox One X as a stopgap HD Blu Ray player, it plays regular and 4K blu-rays quite well but for some bizarre reason it's awful at playing DVDs, compression artefacts everywhere. For 1080p gaming the X1X is definitely 'good enough'

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