Buying a new TV

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Buying a new TV

Post by tabla » 2018-09-06 01:01pm

Hello everybody,
I think its time to replace my "old" Sony TV (bought in February 2014) with a newer one.
- Tv is mainly used to watch series/movies (Sky, Netflix)...
- The budget would be around 2000$.
I searched a bit myself and came to one of these televisions:
Which one is better or could you recommend me other good TVs?

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Re: Buying a new TV

Post by fordlltwm » 2018-09-10 06:47pm

I've got a 49" 4K curved samsung TV (pc world had them cheaper than ordinary HD 40" ones) bought last year, I'm very happy with it, but the newer Quantum Dot ones do look even better. all the smart TV stuff works well, so in my opinion go for the samsung, it's a good solid product and the quantum dot displays are incredibly detailed.

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