What game are you playing

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Re: What game are you playing

Post by TheFeniX » 2019-03-21 10:51pm

Dissidia: the new F2P one. Like DBZ Xenoverse.... or is Xenoverse like it? Basically "Are you a fan of Final Fantasy? Money Please" the game. Only FFXIV character to make an appearance: Y'Sholta. I mean, I like Catgirls as much as the next guy, but cmon man: try harder. The game is still making you ungrateful bastards a mint. Anyways, you punch things with one attack to build up the other attack to knock people down. And there's FF stuff in there because, yea.

I mean the Cloud of Darkness who
A. looks nothing like she did in previous installments.
B. Is wearing practically nothing.
C. Is no longer a cloud
D. Is voiced by Laura Bailey.

Not complaining, just saying. That said, her playstyle is up my alley after I realized Golbez plays like hot garbage and I'm not interested in straight melee. She still has her SPECIAL BEAM CANNON attack, so whatever.

It's pretty, delivers the punching, and fanservice (both to FF nerds and guys who played FF8 long enough to see Ultimecia, you know, masochists).

Injustice 2: on sale for like $20? Cyborg? StarFire? PowerGirl skin for SuperGirl? Better late than never I guess. While Netherrealm animations are still garbage tier, the game is responsive, runs well, and graphically..... not impressive, but it looks pretty good. Nah, I'll say I'm rather impressed with the graphics, in a lot of areas. The install is 50 fucking GBs so it had better be.

Lost Castle: Imagine if Castle Crashers was shittier in every way possible.

We bought the non-VR version (well, I guess it supports both) of Star Trek Bridge Crew. I may post something on it later. Still downloading.

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