So we got our next Pokemon game

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So we got our next Pokemon game

Post by Mr Bean » 2018-05-29 10:46pm

And it looks viciously adorable
It's Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee in the traditional Red/Blue setup.

What what's been released it's the first Pokemon game for the Switch and it's a remake of Pokemon Yellow in HD graphics, due out in November and featuring lots of Pokemon Go integration.

It is not the next mainline Pokemon game which was also confirmed as there is a not yet named Pokemon game due out in November of 2019, this is just the remake of Pokemon Yellow with some add on's like co-op of all things plus motion controls.

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Re: So we got our next Pokemon game

Post by TheFeniX » 2018-05-30 12:22pm

I've never been big on Pocket Monsters, but my Nephew is and he's got a Switch. He's 5, my kid's only 2 and some change. I've been talking about getting a Switch for my kid if only for the youtube and NOT using my wife's stupidly expensive iPhone blah-bity-blah-blah model for said youtube shit. It might give my kid something to bond with his Nephew.

Wife's been fighting it though: "He's not going to play video games!" Pfft, whose kid does she think he is? I mean, I JOKE about how he's probably the mail man's, but if he is my kid, he's either going to play some video television games or go the total opposite direction on his own.

Whatever, worse case: I get a Switch.

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