SkyrimSE - SKSE64 alpha

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SkyrimSE - SKSE64 alpha

Post by Darth Nostril » 2017-11-01 11:31pm

The Silverlock team have finally released an alpha build of SKSE64, currently up to v2.0.4, for modder testing.
Apparently there was a hell of a lot more work involved than anyone had anticipated, plus the members of the team have full time jobs coding, their work schedules didn't leave them a lot of free time to work on the project.
A plethora of existing SE mods have been updated, many more are no doubt currently in testing.

But most importantly SkyUI 64 5.2 has been released. No more fugly vanilla UI and we get our precious MCMs back :D

Probably won't be seeing mods like Racemenu 64, etc until we're into the later, more stable beta releases. But progress has been made.
CBBE64 also released, not merely ported like UUNP, but completely rebuilt from scratch, the new body replacer has 6 times the mesh resolution of the Oldrim version and more than 20 times that of the vanilla body.
There's recently been quite a few nice texture overhaul mods, I'm particularily impressed by the look of the Skyland sets, despite being only 2k they look fifty times more detailed than Beths poorly upscaled "HD" textures.

Just finished downloading a few gigs worth of updated & new mods, time to completely rebuild my load order from scratch and do a little mod testing ....
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Re: SkyrimSE - SKSE64 alpha

Post by TheFeniX » 2017-11-02 01:20am

I hate to be that guy, but I loaded SSE without thinking then said "haha, no fucking way" once I hit TAB and saw the default menu and realized SkyUI was going to be months (or ever years) out. I might be looking into it again now, but I still need to get a bigger SSD as my current Skyrim install is almost 150GBs. It may get a bit smaller as the corrections to the way W10 handle DX9 memory had me go crazy with high-res assets and finally break into ENBs, but I'm getting some graphical issues tied to piss-poor settings on my part. Racemenu is also going to be a killer for me.

If I get the space, I might setup what I can now and just sit on it until the rest gets updated. I have to have my weather mods, Wildcat Combat, lighting overhaul, among other things, and those are likely to blow an install up more than anything.

The CBBE enhancement has me wondering about making a move back to it if I load SSE again, but I made the jump to UUNP after someone (finally) ported the Hentai (not what you think) Nightmare Armor over to it because the default body was "anime" skinny. Didn't even know a bodyslide version of UNP even existed before that. Unfortunately, I had lost the work I did updating the textures using assets from.... shit, some high-res retex for the Nightinggale armor, as the Nightmare armor uses portions of it.

But speaking of UUNP... you should probably stop reading right here because this is just a rant about how easy it is, at least for me, to get involved in mods I had no intention of messing with: Spoiler
oh man... so, my shit was way out of date and I was trying to build some armors in Bodyslide and was getting horrific texture issues and all other jazz, so I had to update pretty much all my character assets. So, I'm sitting there at the build menu as I see "UUNP Special." I mean everything looks the same, but I figured it was an upgraded polycount or something because I forgot what game I was modding. Like for special computers that could support it. I dunno man, I just click things and ended up batch building like everything using it.

I have no idea if the thing works or not, but I could not stop laughing. It was like after installing HDT and XP skeleton because I wanted HDT hair and to change my sheathed weapon locations. "Why is my character's ass jiggling now? Did I... did I break something?" It's like.... I can only figure I'm such a huge pervert, I can find this stuff without even trying.

And because I hadn't made the connection to it being tied to UUNP special, I was searching around and finding all these posts that are like "I can't get this to work! Please Help!." And all I can think is "man, these guys suck. I'm not even trying over here."

I'd go back to playing a dude, but shit like Nightmare Armor and Nightshade Armor are just too good to pass up.
I love Skyrim modding.

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