Killing Floor 2

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Killing Floor 2

Postby TheFeniX » 2017-04-04 04:05pm

Was on sale the other weekend, so I got roped into it.

If you've played the first, you're in for pretty much more of the same.

A pretty standard affair. Up to 6 players (officially) fight waves (4 7 or 10) of zombies which culminates in a boss fight. Only two boss zeds so far. You earn cash/dosh by killing zombies and surviving waves. In between waves, you can purchase new weapons and/or buy armor/ammo/grenades. There are multiple classes to choose from, each having different perk weapons and abilities. Pretty much all the archetypes are covered: explosives experts, rifle experts, medics, support/shotguns. You level these professions through "Quests" which is really just "kill certain zeds with certain weapons."

The maps are fairly varied and some are pretty staggering in size. Fairly decent design in both graphics and clutter as well as layout. You are rarely forced into a situation with less than 3 exits.

Zombie variety is pretty good. You've got the standard "naked" melee zombie and alpha variants that use sharpened blades for arms. Sirens scream and do health damage and also eat grenades. Fatties blow up and cover you in bile. Scrakes have a chainsaw and Fleshpounds are just tough all around.

They've added a versus mode. It's 6 vs 6 where one team takes over different "special" zombies and get a bit more HP and do a bit more damage. The objective is to play once as each team and see who scores the most points.

The unlock system is bare-bones which is why I don't understand why the packs are like $5. Theoretically, everything in unlockable via drops and it's all cosmetics anyway. So, it's not that grating.

Gaming is handled via matchmaking and/or dedicated servers. Unfortunately, and I don't know if it was just the free weekend, but the servers are/were garbage. Way to high ping combined with serious choke and some loss. I finally setup my own server and it take very little hardware to run which makes me wonder why they are so bad. The only thing I can think of is that a considerable amount of servers are filling up too few virtual machines. My server might get high-ping at times, but I never deal with choke or loss.

Not a 10/10 game, but more than fun for a Multiplayer diversion. It offers one thing and I feel that one thing is presented very well. A few more gamemodes would be nice though.

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Re: Killing Floor 2

Postby Cykeisme » 2017-04-05 04:18am

The trailers look really good, too.
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