Mass Effect:Andromeda [SPOILERS]

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Mass Effect:Andromeda [SPOILERS]

Postby Mr Bean » 2017-03-16 10:24pm

So there's a new Mass Effect game, the reviews go up this Sunday or this coming Monday but already the game has been being memed for something I'd not expect Bioware to fuck up.

You see Bioware forgot to animate emotions which is strange from a company that manage to give Legion who is a literal machine devoid of emotion hints of fear, anger, curiosity and hurt, yet per reviewers who are speaking outside of their reviews that they have forgotten that emotion needs to be animated in the models.

And it's not a bug, it's like a glaring systemic thing that Mass Effect Andromeda might be shaping up to be a long step backwards in the series.
Which is a shame because it was going to play day 1 after two years of waiting or simply not having the time, instead I think I'll be passing on the game till a Summer or Winter sale.
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Re: Mass Effect:Andromeda

Postby TheFeniX » 2017-03-16 11:32pm

To be fair, Bioware animating is only second in terribleness to Bethesda. Bethesda just doesn't do a whole lot of cutscenes, so it's much easier to pick on Bioware. The DragonAge team seems to work a bit better, but DA:I is chock full of just God awful animation. They seem wholly reliant on pre-created idle and facial templates.

Such as
Play audio: "You're a dick!"
Use lipsync to audio function.
Play "angry" emote
Play "pointing angrily" idle.

Certain actors might get more attention. I remember even in ME1, they did what they could with Joker. Possibly due to the way the model had to nearly always turn when talking, so they were already doing more than the bare minimum.

Also, their "action cutscenes" are atrociously bad. Compared to something like Resident Evil 6 (or God, even 5): it's embarrassing. The characters don't walk/run right, don't interact right, talk right, emote right, or even fall flat on their ass right. They're plastic dolls animated by invisible threads on the level of Team America. This was acceptable back during the Mass Effect and DragonAge 1 era, but it's 2017. The characters look like they were designed by amateurs, same for the dialog and animation. This is a step back even from ME3.

At least old Bioware, in a game like Mass Effect knew how to hide deficiencies in either skill or technology. If Sheppard punched someone, they would hide it with clever camera angles. Things like that. Now they showcase shit like Rider disarming a Turian thug and nothing about the cutscene says "This is a AAA studio." More like, "I just learned how to animate in Blender yesterday."

I came to terms a while ago: Bioware's just dead. If you're looking for AAA quality for AAA money, you won't find it from them. And normally, I'd let it slide, but if you're going to emphasis the story content, this isn't excusable, not when other studios can hack it just fine.

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Re: Mass Effect:Andromeda

Postby Tribble » 2017-03-17 12:09am

Well, there was no need for her to stop smiling, after all

she was only talking about her recently deceased father, it's not like that's important or anything.

Might as well save a couple of bucks on animating, right? :P
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