Mass Effect:Andromeda

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Re: Mass Effect:Andromeda

Postby bilateralrope » 2017-03-21 04:53am

Adam Reynolds wrote:In response to Civil War Man, on the issue of the AI used in Andromeda, Spoiler
it was illegal. The protagonist's father Alec Ryder built it illegally in an attempt to save his dying wife before reusing it on the Andromeda project. It is actually even worse than a more traditional AI like EDI, as it links with the human brain directly. Alec believes this will cure the geth problem, as the human input will cause it to care more about humanity and not rebel. We'll see how it turns out.

In the process of making it he made deals with people like the Shadow Broker(before Liara took the role, when it was the yagh who also made deals with the Collectors) in order to get what he needed.

What, exactly, does he think the "Geth problem" is ?

The Geth treated organics better than any of the other AIs did. They only rebelled against their creators after their creators tried to exterminate them and were willing to keep to their own space. Compare that to Edi, who turned on her creators before they tried to destroy her. Though killing Cerberus personal after they lost control is a common feature of Cerberus projects.