Warframe 2017

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Warframe 2017

Postby TheFeniX » 2017-02-17 01:38pm

Link to the original thread.

Has this game really been out for almost 4 years? Damn. Well, it's nice to have an F2P MMO you can drop for a year at a time and not be totally out of the loop. We started back in around the beginning of this year and have been having a good time. I think the game deserves a new "review."

Graphics and Aesthetics: still "A F2P game should not look this good." While earlier Warframes and weapons suffered from some design issues, the latest creations are some top-notch work. Such as, Frost Prime (a ++ version of the original Frost Warframe and the first publicly available Prime Warframe) was aesthetically way too similar to the original with just what looked like the helmet from a popular enemy you found. While still a great Warframe (I use to this day), it gets put to shame, design-wise, by some of the newer Primes. DE (or whoever they pay for their model work) has improved vastly over the years. While older designed look "dated," it's nothing like going from Legion to classic zones in WoW. But it is noticeable.

The UI and other non-combat gameplay aspects have really reached a "finished" level. This game could get "released" at this point as there's very few placeholder settings that I can find.

Gameplay: many "original" missions are either untouched or just been "spiced up." There's been some new areas added with the story quest. New enemy units. But the core gameplay of Cyborg Ninjas in Space is still there. The original thread covers most of this.

Progression: They've "streamlined" the new system. The star chart has been overhauled once again and looks professional if not a little hard to read at times. You now complete missions and challenges on a planet to unlock the junction and head to the next one. Rewards for new Warframes contained in "quests" have been mostly taken off the market and put into this progressions system. New "powers" have been added indepedent of the Warframe but require you to complete sections of the "Main Story" quest.

Plot: There's a plot now. It's.... pretty fucking stupid, but points for semi-originality. I will spoiler it, but it's not exactly Asimov here.
Turns out the Warframes (while alive and having some "sort" of self-awareness) are actually remote controlled suits. They were designed by the Orokin as mediums for the power of the Tenno.

The Tenno are Orokin children who got lost in the void while on a ship. All the parents either died or went insane and had to be put down by the kids with their new powers. These powers, when used natively, could kill the user or drive them mad. So, they were put into kind of a coma and in pods that let them "dream" and be used as war machines by the Orokin, by channeling their power through Warframes. Then the Orokin got their teeth kicked in by the Sentients and the Tenno were lost for a while until reawokon by the Lotus.

The Lotus (originally tasked with killing the Tenno) "adopted" them all because (I shit you not) she was barren. She is not originally "human," but it's debatable if she is now.

The quests center around the Sentients coming back and trying to kill the Tenno after one gets dug up by some dumbass Grineer. You end up bringing the Moon out of the Void. This is where the Lotus hid the Tenno kids and their Transference pods (their Wireless Access Points to the Warframes) because the Void is cancer to Sentients. So, the Stalker shows up because he's a Tenno (but super-duper Edgelord because he couldn't handle the idea of his powers) and starts some shit. You kick his ass and things continue on.

You the get to customize your 14-year-old super-space god and Jesus this is some uncanny valley shit.

Then the "War Within" happens but that quest is awful both from a gameplay and story-telling standpoint.