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Re: World of Tanks (new thread)

Postby Venator » 2017-03-15 08:53pm

wautd wrote:
Rogue 9 wrote:Decided to take my much-maligned meta tester tank out for a spin today, and lo, I am become death, destroyer of armor. :razz:

I never understood the hate for that tank. Sure, it's not great but we've had far, far worse free tanks garage slots since then.

Beta awards are bound to be better than the throwaway participation-award tanks you get for happening to log on during the holidays. The Arkansas Beta is an absolute BEAST in WoWS, complete lack of AA notwithstanding.

I'm doing the daily missions for the new tier 8 premium tank (named T25 something?) which does looks pretty nice. And in contrast with the T-34-100* marathon, the missions actually seem doable (so far).

(*although I'm glad I chipped in to get that tank anyway. It's an awesome medium tank).

Leaving for Japan on the 28th. Of course they bring out a doable marathon when I have no realistic way of doing it D:.

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