Karaoke Machine Recommendations

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Karaoke Machine Recommendations

Postby Twoyboy » 2012-11-09 09:48am

While it seems unlikely that anyone here would happen to be an expert on karaoke machines, would anyone have a recommendation for one? My dad has decided he wants one, which means we're looking for a machine that is a) no harder to use than a microwave and b) will play his own songs, not just the pre-programmed ones.

On point a), I'm not exaggerating much. He's a total technophobe. But I can set things up and teach him, so it's not vital. On point b), he will want to play his own songs, possibly off his MP3 player (Sony Walkman NWZ-B143F, which he sometimes has trouble using) or CD AND remove the voice from them to sing over the top. I'm not even sure this technology exists, but I figured I'd ask.

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations, it would be helpful. Cheers.
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Re: Karaoke Machine Recommendations

Postby fordlltwm » 2012-11-09 10:13am

I've seen technology to do voice removal on PC's but not recently, TBH most of the cheaper ones will do what he wants providing he can find the songs he's after as karaoke versions.

Most if not all will sound terrible, but that's to be expected really, a laptop with a you tube connection combined with an amplifier with a mic input is what most of the karaoke people round here use.

I'll have a further look and try and get some recommendations for you.

(I'm a roadie / sound tech in my spare time)

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