Hearts of Iron: The Card Game

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Hearts of Iron: The Card Game

Postby Archaic` » 2011-10-06 10:21pm


Has anyone else been playing this game at all? For those who haven't heard it, it's a WW2 online card game based on Paradox's Hearts of Iron strategy game franchise. It's finally come out of beta and been formally launched. It's billed as free to play and it's possible to compete with other players for boosters, though there is the opportunity for people to buy more boosters.
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Re: Hearts of Iron: The Card Game

Postby Rekkon » 2011-10-11 11:52am

I looked into it and signed up. I do not know if I will stick with it or put any money into it, but I have played enough games now to pique my interest. The first couple matches were the usual "one player gets an early edge and runs with it to victory," but I have had two very good back and forth battles now.

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