Let's Play: BARIS | Index Thread

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Let's Play: BARIS | Index Thread

Post by PeZook » 2011-07-02 04:23am

This thread is for indexing important posts, like turn summaries, important plot point and the like.

If people want to include something, just post it below this and I will incorporate the information into the OP.
Current information
Time is: Fall 1973

Spring 1973: Shoeplane test and Murcan balls-out manned lunar pass.

And the second part, with Jeb Kerman flying the shoeplane to the moon and back!

Latest game status, Fall 1973
Opening post

Chapter 1: The Race Begins!
Spring 1957 - opening turn
Fall1957 - first attempted satellite launches

Chapter 2: The Right Stuff
Spring 1958 - contractors fail to deliver rockets and first astronauts show up
Fall 1958 - Zenobians launch Sputnik, despite impossible odds!

Chapter 3:We Cannot Allow an [Insert] Gap!
Spring 1959 - world is still in shock
Missions in Spring 1959 - Von Evilstein's rushing and corner-cutting blows up a launch pad
Fall 1959

Chapter 4: Ow! My capsules!
Spring 1960 - a Zenobian defects! The start of the infamous Fax-Drago plot. Zenobian political games continue.
Dr. Von Evilstein asks for help...from a man who hates his guts.
Predictably, the premier does nothing...almost nothing.
Spring 1960, first tests of the Mercury capsule.
Fall 1960 - Zenobians "rescue" their defecting scientist

Chapter 5: The (not) Final Showdown!
Missions in fall 1960. Lots of unmanned flights. Capsule exploderize, burn up, disintegrate...and Zenobians launch a human in one of them. The human survives somehow.
Spring 1961. Murcans grieve, Zenobians celebrate like hell.
Syrgy Pavylyvych explains the various lunar landing concepts to premier Shroomanski.
Syrgy Pavylyvych has flashbacks to his time in Khilyma
Tender moments with Stanislav Shroomanski
Spring 1961 launches. Murcans do their first manned flight.
Fall 1961 status

The Baris Air Show
BARIS Air Show begins!
BARIS Air Show: Masterminds meet! And stare each other down!
Human rights are violated by Stenchian police
Masterminds continue to size each other up.
Rocketplanes are first mentioned.

Chapter 6:The First Casualties
Wehrner von Shapp is introduced.
Launches for Fall 1961. Astronaut OhJesus dies.
Game status, Spring1962. Zenobians wonder why they had launch results,when no rocket had been launched...
Eulogy to Virgil OhJesus
Ivan Ivanov orbits the Earth, burns up on reentry.
Doktor von Evilstein laughs.
The Murcans choose to go to the moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard!
Eulogy for Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanov, Sr.

Bragonid's Power Play sideplot
Bragonid Bearznev discovers Shroomanski's secret and presents it to the Politburo
Shroomanski moves in mysterious ways...
Von Evilstein criticizes Pavylyvych, but People's Comissar Spechtkov is supsicious
Von Evilstein promises Spetchkov the moon...by 1967
Meeting of the Central Committee- Shroomanski's Surprise Appearance!
Von Evilstein promises the Central Committee the moon, too!
But Spetchkov has done his homework.
Shroomanski turns the tables- and invokes the Triple Stas Bush Trial!
Stas Bush! Stas Bush! Stas Bush!
Von Evilstein is consigned to... junior test assistantship.

Epilogue: NEIN NEIN NEIN percent reliable!

Chapter 6 Continued

Fall 1962 launches, and status updated for Spring 1963. Murcans get a break on their Mercury capsule.
New astronauts mess with Mercury simulators.
Spring 1963 launches and update for Fall 1963
Murca's beloved President Teddy is shot! Oh noes!
Bob Johnson explains himself to a MASA official. He knows about computers!
Teddy's funeral

MURCA FUCK YEAH! - Murcans launch a manned orbital mission, succeed.

Chapter 7: Poyekhali!
Update for Spring 1964. Astronaut Kelly retires after his glourious orbital flight! Zenobians lose a man, too.
More shenanigans with Dr. Ivan Vanko!
Great coup - both sides get their flight psychologists back, and therefore know if their astronauts won't kill each other during training!
Launches in Spring 1964. Fox Modem survives, and accomplishes an EVA!
Status update, Fall 1964
Lame jokeskis about Heroes of the Zenobian Onion

Massive thanks to Simon for trawling and compiling most of the links to the Bragonid's Power Play subplot!

More will be added in a while.
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Re: Let's Play: BARIS | Index Thread

Post by Simon_Jester » 2011-07-28 01:38pm

Post removed, links incorporated into main index post. - PeZook
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