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Re: "Rate my Rig" thread

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Well after waiting until the Black Friday sales on Ebuyer started I made my choice and bought the more sensibly-priced XG27AQM. It was a toss-up between that and the slightly cheaper, slightly bigger offering from MSI, however because the card and motherboard were also Asus ROG-STRIX I wanted to be consistent :mrgreen: I've had problems with MSI's motherboards in the past. And though of course I wouldn't be looking at that part of the monitor, the back of the MSI is ugly as fuck! :lol: Monitors that are both 4K and G-Sync capable are surprisingly rare, this one came in a huge box that I'm definitely going to enjoy opening! :mrgreen:

I also bought a couple of air duster sprays with the other parts because the space under the desk where the PC sits gets VERY dusty, so I'll clean out the machine and its enclosure before installing the new parts. Said parts are filling the hitherto empty slots on the motherboard, new Corsair RAM to complement what's there to double its memory, and an NVMe SSD for the M.2 slot which if I'm able to copy my C drive to it should allow me to fulfil the "secure boot" requirement of Windows 11. Despite the fast data transfer speeds afforded by SSD a terabyte is still a terabyte after all :lol:
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