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Re: Conversations from the gaming frontlines.

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Endwalker is a thing now
FFXIV latest expansion Endwalker is out for a few days now in early access for those that pre-ordered. Full release in a week now.

I've just hit the level 83 quests in the third zone. I want to talk about things but can't since you know... huge spoilers and the like but based on the meme output I'm still running a day ahead of the pack if the current Fishmonger jokes are anything to judge by. That and grapes oh man the grapes.

Comparing 2.0 AAR vs 2.3 content is night and day. Yet compare it to Heavenward (Which deserves all of the awards it won) and you still see the massive increase in quality. Stormblood is not as good as Heavensward but still a mostly fun trip and Shadowbringers hit's it out of the park. And now here's Endwalker and while I'm not a fan of the hide and seek follow missions in some aetherquests the main MSQ is hitting the same highes as Shadowbringers did and Heavensward did from minute 1. The pacing has almost been 100% fantastic.

Word of advice when the MSQ split happens and you can do either the Sharlayan or thavnair quests first? Do Sharlayan questline first. It's much more low-key and it's a tonal whiplash from how thavnair ends.

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Re: Conversations from the gaming frontlines.

Post by LadyTevar »

My brother has been to the Moon already.

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Re: Conversations from the gaming frontlines.

Post by TheFeniX »

This is more an internal monologue:
Queue for Normal Raid Roulette in FFXIV as RDM and get Eden Littany. Everything is going fine, Except my DPS. I've forgotten how to RDM. I'm dead last behind 2 RPR and a DRG. During sword mode, an AOE takes out both healers and one RPR. Hell yea, no longer dead last in DPS. But the healers are dead..... things no longer going well. I've just cast a Jolt, so Dual Cast > Verraise > Swiftcast > Verraise to get both healers back up. RPR isn't worth my mana.
2 seconds later: "RDM, get one of the healers up." Pfft
Healers get the RPR back up, we keep pew pewing, but due to dead people and the stat crunch, boss is still at like 70%. This fight is lasting forever. By the time it's over, literally everyone has died (at least) once except me and the GNB Main Tank. I've spammed out at least 7 raises cuz I guess Sage has major recovery issues (I GlareMage, so wouldn't know), so I just keep powering out resses.
Finish 2nd in Emnity, raises everywhere. Stay to roll on loot because I'm back to desynthing.

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Re: Conversations from the gaming frontlines.

Post by GuppyShark »

Discussing the Book of Boba Fett and seguing into a new D&D campaign:

Tilaurin (they/them) — Today at 6:35 PM
Now waiting to see GuppyShark make a Mandalorian for lightwood ...

GuppyShark (He/Him) — Today at 6:49 PM
lol, you want a Percy? That's how you get a Percy

Leigh (any/all) — Today at 6:51 PM
Damn... Now I'm thinking my wood elf should be named "Amanda Lorien". Star Wars and Lord of the Rings in one!
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