Discrimination in Journalism...

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Discrimination in Journalism...

Post by weemadando » 2003-04-05 12:04am

A quote from one of the British press liason officers to a French journalist asking when he and other European journalists will be allowed to take a tour of southern Iraq like the Brit and American journalists have:

"Your journalists will have the same amount of access as you have troops on the ground."

There have also been reports of a general censoring by omission by American and British forces of the journalists from nations not part of the "coalition".

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Post by MKSheppard » 2003-04-05 12:09am

Serves 'em fucking right, BLAHAHAHAHAH

Even the freaking POLES are sending SF to the area
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Post by jegs2 » 2003-04-05 12:10am

:D :D That's hilarious! :D :D
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Post by Master of Ossus » 2003-04-05 12:12am

Okay, I locked this thread since a few people had already responded to it. Use the other one, from now on, though.
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