Hurricane Michael Damage

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Sea Skimmer
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Hurricane Michael Damage

Post by Sea Skimmer » 2018-10-12 05:13pm

Since I don't see an existing thread on the storm, NOAA just released a whole slew of aerial photos of the damage zone. Where it's bad it's bad, but it's maybe less extensive then one might have expected, looks like the post Andrew improvements in building standards have begun to pay off. ... agery.html
Link to the page ... 6/-85.4170
And this is specifically where the eye came ashore at Mexico Beach with 75% level of destruction.
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Elheru Aran
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Re: Hurricane Michael Damage

Post by Elheru Aran » 2018-10-12 06:53pm

My wife and I vacationed at Mexico Beach a few years ago.

There's a video of a drone fly-by of the town. Far as I can see, the motel we stayed at is just... gone. Along with a lot of the town. The resort structures and some of the fancier houses along the beach road seem to still be standing, but pretty much anything built with wood studding and drywall is gone.
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Raj Ahten
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Re: Hurricane Michael Damage

Post by Raj Ahten » 2018-10-13 05:25pm

The destruction inland is also quite significant as the storm maintained its power far into Georgia. Not much on national outlets about the inland damage yet but between the last two hurricanes the Carolinas have gotten really hammered by flooding and now wind. I'd put the odds at least 50% that I called up for hurricane relief duties in the next couple of weeks.

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