Finland's UBI experiment

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Re: Finland's UBI experiment

Post by His Divine Shadow » 2018-05-04 01:21am

First. Our government is shit. The worst, most inept clown show Finland has ever had in modern memory. You guys are not aware of all the fuckuppery that happens in this country, these guys in charge are our Donald Trumps. And let me tell you that the UBI experiment we're doing is a waste of time, the researchers themselves have complained in local media it's too little, too short a time to make any sense of it.

And nobody here believes the government will take anything away from this because they don't care about the poor or unemployed. What they want to do is introduce more 0-hour contracts and fire at will employment laws, especially for the young under 30 generation, they've started punishing people on unemployment if they aren't active enough and the terms they have set are such that 50% of people cannot fulfill them even if they try, so they got their social security slashed. Nurses and healthcare workers got less pay, less vacation and more hours, education was slashed etc etc.

The bread queues in helsinki has become such an eyesore for the middle and upper classes that I read an yle article that they wanted to reform the system so they no longer gave away food in bags to poor people but would force poor people to eat in big communal halls instead, that way they could better make sure no undeserving people get a bag of almost expired foodstuff and old bread and no unsightly bread queues in town. Mask the poverty! Tip of the iceberg still....

Our government is actively loathed by people, I can't remember the last time people have expressed such amounts of vitriol against a government here. One of the ruling parties has a voter support of around 2% after they split of from the true finns last year, in order to prevent the government from breaking up, one third of the government is thus entirely without voter support.

And what that background let me say I only cared about this never gonna amount to anything UBI experiment only to the point that I could use it as a segue to bitch about the huge amounts of money finland spends on it's corporations and wealthiest while enforcing austerity on the rest of the country. Hence I wasn't that bothered with the actual wording, and I know yes that there's been some nonsense in the foreign media aobut this and how they misrepresented what was going on. But it's actually irrelevant to the point I wanted to make. The point I wanted to make was we should build guillotines.
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