Cruel right to try law up for vote

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Cruel right to try law up for vote

Post by PainRack » 2018-03-13 12:31am ... g-bill?amp

Supporters of the measure, such as groups backed by conservative mega-donors Charles and David Koch, had been urging the House to pass the Senate version, fearing changes could make it harder for the bill to get to Trump's desk.

The new version will indeed have to be sent back to the Senate, and in announcing the Tuesday vote, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) noted in a statement Sunday that "following its passage, I look forward to swift Senate action so more Americans facing dire circumstances can find some light in their darkest moments."
What is right to try? Namely, you going to give patients experimental treatment, so they can try to treat their diseases without the FDA blocking them.

Sounds nice right? Since when has Koch ever supported something good for poor folks?

Oh wait... Never . ... e-tuesday/

To summarise.
1. Companies aren't selling you anything safe as phase 1 doesn't test that .
2. You are PAYING. A lot of money most likely. The companies and providers are not liable for any harm done to you. If you're hurt, guess what? It's likely insurance won't cover your injuries... Sure they might be nice kind hearted.. sorry, finance doesn't make money from the milk of human kindness.
3. The data isn't recorded .So... You aren't going to help actual clinical trials .
4. The FDA already allows compassionate use and etc. It's how Burnisky is doing his stupid antineoplastrons urine, I meant sorry, it's now synthesized and we aren't using your and horse urine anymore.

Have fun getting fucked. Oh. Hopefully, the FDA will remain effective because if not... We have to look towards the EU for our drug safety regs and information instead...
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Re: Cruel right to try law up for vote

Post by Sea Skimmer » 2018-03-13 05:28pm

Blame twitter and facebook, it's all those parents going online demanding untested treatments for their sick kids a few years ago that got this ball rolling. Koch and ilk only come into play later, and frankly, they are human, they very much have reasons to want money to help them possibly live longer.

As is sure the FDA does allow compassionate use of experimental drugs, but most of the uses parents were advocating for were basically cases of 'this person is already super likely to die' kind of stages, meaning a high probability that even a useful drug would not produce a useful result. But the death would still be recorded as a death against the drug, possibly delaying it's formal development practices. Which is why drug companies tended to highly resist said practices. And that's what got this going; provide the drug companies would an out of that legit dilemma. That we then get lol resulting law proposals is no surprise though; this has been going back and forth for a while now.
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