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Post by Rubberanvil » 2003-04-04 04:26am

His Divine Shadow wrote: Or we can use AC/DC
You're an AC/DC fan aren't you? :wink: :)

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Post by Edi » 2003-04-04 06:18am

Not to mention that those who have the religious bug up their ass can just as well take the BCE/CE to mean Before Christian Era / [/i]Christian[/i] Era instead of Common Era, so what the fuck is wrong with it?

Or is it really that important to constantly shove the religion in everyone else's face by reminding them that everything including timekeeping is defined by Christianity?

Face it, the CE/BCE covers both equally, while the BC/AD does not. The only thing in favor of BC/AD is inertia, which is no good reason at all to keep it. If that were the case we'd all be (literally) using the hieroglyphic alphabet instead of the current Roman one.


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