General Police Abuse Thread

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Re: General Police Abuse Thread

Post by Rogue 9 » 2018-12-02 10:15am

Officer does not shoot black man, is fired for it.

This is a ProPublica investigative piece, and extremely long. I'm not comfortable copying and pasting it, and not entirely unsure I wouldn't hit the character limit if I tried. But it's worth reading.
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Re: General Police Abuse Thread

Post by Kamakazie Sith » 2018-12-25 02:50am

The title is a bit inflammatory and misleading. He was fired because he didn't act when the life of he and his coworkers was threatened not because he didn't kill a black man. I do not support the decision to terminate the officer though but this department probably could use some incident management training..more on that later.

I don't like the idea of terminating people that are effectively acting as the incident commander/negotiator. Mader had spoken to Williams and had begun to build a rapport so he had a better idea of what kind of threat William was and he articulated it so. Ultimately, had he been allowed to continue in the fashion he should have been then Williams would likely still be alive. I say likely because when he points the gun at the three officers that could have still resulted in him being shot regardless of how this was managed but there is a way to managed these incidents so that becomes unlikely.

On to incident management. One thing that helps in these situations is to let everyone know that you have incident command. So, in this situation I would get on the radio and say "I have incident command". That let's everyone know that I am in charge and I am dictating how this plays out and it also helps to remind you that you need to let everyone else know what you know. "He keeps telling me to shoot him but I don't believe he is a threat to us". Now a well trained group of officers will hopefully think of some other non-lethal tools to use like a 40mm extended range impact weapon. There are other things that would hopefully happen such as field supervisors ensuring that additional arriving officers are arriving at a distance because distance equals time, working to evacuate the family from a back door, and containment.
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