Ladies and gentlemen,a slow clap for the USMC

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Re: Ladies and gentlemen,a slow clap for the USMC

Postby Cosmic Average » 2012-01-14 03:13pm

Count Chocula wrote:OK I just saw the piss stream of the person on the right hand side of the pic. Based on that, I concede. If these are Marines, and I can't see name patches or rank insignia to verify, then the UCMJ hammer should come down on them. If it's a spoof or joke it's in egregiously bad taste.

Eh, the US military has already identified the marines in the video:

WASHINGTON — The United States Marine Corps has identified the four Marines shown in a video urinating on what appear to be dead Taliban fighters, without releasing any names, and has named a lead investigating officer to decide whether they should be charged, Marine officials said Friday.

Marine officials were also attempting to identify the person who shot the video, which emerged early Thursday and has incited a wave of anti-American sentiment at a delicate moment in the decade-long war in Afghanistan.

Two of the four Marines were questioned Thursday by criminal investigators and released to their commanders, the officials said. All served in the Third Battalion, Second Marines, and were based at Camp Lejuene in North Carolina.


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Re: Ladies and gentlemen,a slow clap for the USMC

Postby Thanas » 2012-01-14 05:49pm

To be honest, given the record of the USA so far some guys urinating on a corpse is pretty much the smallest offence committed so far. It is not like the USA is not routinely torturing guys or holding them without a trial indefinitely, so pissing on some guy is not that bad in comparison.
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