Christian Crusade in Uganda!

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Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby The Grim Squeaker » 2010-01-11 02:55am

Against Child sacrifice by with doctors there.
Uganda has developed in leaps and bounds in recent years, but with modernisation has come a disturbing increase in human sacrifice.
The authorities set up an anti-human sacrifice task force in 2009, to try to combat the rise in the number of ritual child killings being performed by witch doctors.
Newsnight's Tim Whewell travelled to Uganda, where he met a former witch doctor now working to convert other witch doctors from their practices.
His report contains accounts that viewers may find disturbing.
Broadcast on Thursday 7 January 2010

Original BBC article and video

Battling Uganda's witch-doctors
By Tim Whewell
BBC News, Uganda
A BBC investigation into human sacrifice in Uganda has heard first-hand accounts which suggest ritual killings of children may be more common than authorities have acknowledged.

One witch-doctor led us to his secret shrine and said he had clients who regularly captured children and brought their blood and body parts to be consumed by spirits.

Meanwhile, a former witch-doctor who now campaigns to end child sacrifice confessed for the first time to having murdered about 70 people, including his own son.

The Ugandan government told us that human sacrifice is on the increase, and according to the head of the country's Anti-Human Sacrifice Taskforce the crime is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity, and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly.

In the course of our investigation we witnessed the ritual torching of the shrine of a particularly active witch-doctor in northern Uganda by anti-sacrifice campaigners.

The witch-doctor allowed ceremonial items including conch shells and animal skins to be burned in his sacred grove after agreeing to give up sacrifice.

He told us that clients had come to him in search of wealth.

"They capture other people's children. They bring the heart and the blood directly here to take to the spirits… They bring them in small tins and they place these objects under the tree from which the voices of the spirits are coming," he said.

Asked how often clients brought blood and body parts, the witch-doctor said they came "on average three times a week - with all that the spirits demand from them."

We saw a beaker of blood and what appeared to be a large, raw liver in the shrine before it was destroyed, although it was not possible to determine whether they were human remains.


The witch-doctor denied any direct involvement in murder or incitement to murder, saying his spirits spoke directly to his clients.

He told us he was paid 500,000 Ugandan shillings (£160 or $260) for a consultation, but that most of that money was handed over to his "boss" in a nationwide network of witch-doctors.

Head of the Anti-Human Sacrifice and Trafficking Task Force, assistant commissioner Moses Binoga of the Ugandan police, said he knew of the boss referred to - involved in one of five or six witch-doctor protection rackets operating in the country.

"The senior ones extort money from lower people because they deal in illegal things," he told us.

Mr Binoga said police had opened 26 murder cases in 2009, in which the victim appeared to have been ritually sacrificed, compared with just three cases in 2007.

"We also have about 120 children and adults reported missing whose fate we have not traced. We cannot rule out that they may be victims of human sacrifice," he said.

But child protection campaigners believe the real number is much higher, as some disappearances are not reported to police.


Former witch-doctor turned anti-sacrifice campaigner Polino Angela says he has persuaded 2,400 other witch-doctors to give up the trade since he himself repented in 1990.

“ To punish retrospectively would cause a problem... if we can persuade Ugandans to change, that is much better than going back into the past ”
James Nsaba Buturo, Uganda's Minister of Ethics and Integrity
Mr Angela told us he had first been initiated as a witch-doctor at a ceremony in neighbouring Kenya, where a boy of about 13 was sacrificed.

"The child was cut with a knife on the neck and the entire length from the neck down was ripped open, and then the open part was put on me," he said.

When he returned to Uganda he says he was told by those who had initiated him to kill his own son, aged 10.

"I deceived my wife and made sure that everyone else had gone away and I was with my child alone. Once he was placed down on the ground, I used a big knife and brought it down like a guillotine."

Asked if he was afraid he might now be prosecuted as a result of confessing to killing 70 people, he said:

"I have been to all the churches… and they know me as a warrior in the drive to end witchcraft that involves human sacrifice, so I think that alone should indemnify me and have me exonerated."

Uganda's Minister of Ethics and Integrity James Nsaba Buturo believes that "to punish retrospectively would cause a problem... if we can persuade Ugandans to change, that is much better than going back into the past."

Child protection activists in organisations such as FAPAD (Facilitation for Peace and Development) and ANPPCAN (African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect) have highlighted recent cases of ritual killing and called for new legislation to regulate so-called "traditional healers".

Witness testimony

In some cases against alleged witch-doctors due to come to trial later this year, police will use the testimony of children who managed to survive abduction.

One such witness is a three-year-old boy called Mukisa, who was left for dead after his penis was hacked off by an assailant.

He survived thanks to quick work by surgeons, and later told police he had been mutilated by a neighbour who is known to keep a shrine.

Mukisa's mother told us: "Every time I look at him, I ask myself how his future is going to be - a man without a penis - and how the rest of the community will look at him, with private parts that can neither be attributed to a man or a woman. Every time I recall the normal birth that I had and the way Mukisa is now, it is like the end of the world."

Story from BBC NEWS: ... 441813.stm

Published: 2010/01/07 09:45:11 GMT


So,Country modernizes -> people get richer -> They want to get richer - > "Kill kids and hack of penises" - > profit?
Sometime it's the little things that make me fucking glad I live in a modern country and not a 3d world country, or a backwards culture.
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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby CaptainChewbacca » 2010-01-11 05:29am

I saw the thread title, and too often in Africa some warlord or other names himself the leader of 'Christ's army' or 'The legion of God' and starts burning villages. But this... hey, go Christians. Kill the witches.

BTW, its 'witchdoctor', not 'withdoctor'.
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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby Pelranius » 2010-01-11 08:45am

So the current crop of evangelical missionaries messing around in Uganda are good for something after all.
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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby CmdrWilkens » 2010-01-11 01:58pm

Pelranius wrote:So the current crop of evangelical missionaries messing around in Uganda are good for something after all.

Only a little as you could probably go on a witchdoctor hunting crusade without Christianity. Oh yes and at the same time maybe avoid turning sodomy in to a capital crime. So yeah still not good for that much.
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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby Thanas » 2010-01-11 02:02pm

Not to mention that christian witchhunts have this little habit of turning into "Burn everyone who does not convert".
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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby RedImperator » 2010-01-11 02:09pm

This is assuming there actually is an increase in human sacrifice by "witch doctors" and not public hysteria being brewed by the same evangelical missionaries who are now going to "fight" it.
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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby SAMAS » 2010-01-11 03:01pm

Ugh, good point. Remember the mess about Satanists?
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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby aieeegrunt » 2010-01-11 06:23pm

Oh God as a child of the 80's, yes, yes I do remember that ridiculous hysteria.

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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby Alyrium Denryle » 2010-01-11 07:39pm

RedImperator wrote:This is assuming there actually is an increase in human sacrifice by "witch doctors" and not public hysteria being brewed by the same evangelical missionaries who are now going to "fight" it.

Even if that is the case... human sacrifice is bad. So I welcome efforts to contain it. However... um... this is the same Uganda that at the same time is set to start executing gay people, with the same evangelicals performing both roles, so color me displeased.
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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby MarshalPurnell » 2010-01-11 07:43pm

This is the same continent where, one country over, Albinos are being hunted for their body parts used to create magical talismans. Another country over, pygmy tribespeople are killed and eaten as "forest spirits" whose flesh gives courage in battle. I have no trouble at all believing that human sacrifice is a problem in Uganda.
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Re: Christian Crusade in Uganda!

Postby Zixinus » 2010-01-12 12:28pm

I wonder how will this work out. I have little doubt that the "reinforcement of the Witchcraft act" will have much different consequences than just getting to these witchdoctors.
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