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Post by The Grim Squeaker » 2008-05-14 08:37am

It might not be cool or much for reference, but it is influential and an important hallmark in the board's culture.
I'd like to nominate Zeon's thread. (It's in ARSE, so putting it in a visibile forum would depend on her wishes, of course).
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Re: Famous Thread nominations!

Post by ray245 » 2009-10-22 08:29am

I've been collecting quite a few links for a while now, and I think a number of them do deserved to be placed in the famous threads area.

Huge insight in the lives people living in the soviet Union in the 80s, as well as discussion about the lives of average Russians today.
http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 4908&hilit

Discussion about the actions of Boris Yeltsin.
http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 7753&hilit

Excellent insight into Russian politics
http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 4208&hilit

Discussion and debate about China's actions in regards to industrialisation, and about all the pollution caused by developing nations.

http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 2036&hilit

Long and excellent discussion about Iran and it's politics.
http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 4966&hilit

Discussion about missile shield.
http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 2&t=137045

Discussion about the use of Nuclear energy.
http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 1847&hilit

Insight into Artificial intelligence.

Discussion about Transsexualism.
http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 8479&hilit

Insight into Finland

Discussion about the merits and downsides to living with parents above the age of 20.
http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 2&t=136827

On aboriginal culture
http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic. ... 6938&hilit

On Bestiality
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