Haiti collapse

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Re: Haiti collapse

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Ralin wrote: 2024-04-02 09:56pm
LadyTevar wrote: 2024-04-01 08:23am The situation, from what I'm seeing, would take another Invader coming in and completely taking over all levels of government, then brutally putting down the gangs

Considering putting down gangs is something that most countries have trouble doing on their own, even the US still has massive gang problems, this would lead to yet another dictator police state and Haiti would once again be fucked.
Aren't the gangs what amounts to the local government at this point?

Like, I don't know what terrible things the gang leader telling the prime minister to resign has done, but if they're both equally unelected and one controls the capitol and the other isn't physically able to enter the country sounds like gang leader guy has at least as much legitimacy as the prime minister. Wouldn't it be better for him to be recognized and given access to foreign aid and markets than foreign troops be sent in to install someone else?
The thing isn't there isn't just a gang leader, there are dozens of gangs each carving little fiefdoms out of cities and while they fight nothing else happens. It isn't just violence, it's a complete lack of leadership and governance.
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Re: Haiti collapse

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Well, too many fiefdoms, at least.

Within each gang's territory the gang IS leadership and governance (even if that governance is extreme exploitation). The problem is that there are too many gangs and they're all at war with each other, except, probably, for ever-shifting alliances.

That's not a situation where outsiders can negotiate and work to make things better.
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