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Testing Policy

Posted: 2009-11-05 11:29am
by Dalton
This is the new Testing policy as of 5 Nov. 2009.

General Forum Information: this forum is for testing board features or posting methods. It is also commonly used for things like birthday announcements, socializing, and silly or facetious activities which are intended to be temporary. As such, threads which are inactive for more than a day are automatically pruned.

For new users
  • If you have not received your activation E-mail and you provided a valid E-mail address when registering, it is most likely that it was stopped by a spam filter or unreliable mail server on your end.
  • If you wish to post a "Hello" thread to introduce yourself, please post it in the New Member Introductions thread in the "Off Topic" forum. Introduction threads posted in the Testing forum may be automatically pruned too quickly.
If you are having login problems
  • If you can't log in, try deleting your cookies in your web browser. After deleting your cookies, you need to completely close and restart your browser (including all open browser windows, not just the one you were using to login here).
  • If that doesn't solve your problem, send an E-mail to registrations (at) stardestroyer (dot) net to ask for help.
Anonymous posting: anonymous "guest" posting is currently disabled due to a clog in the septic system which was causing all manner of random sewage and human filth to pollute the forum.

Nuking: The Testing forum is considered a place for "disposable" threads, so the Moderators may delete threads from the Testing forum as they see fit. Threads may also be moved into the main forums.

Okay, guys (The Status of Testing)

Posted: 2009-11-06 08:50pm
by Surlethe
We've been talking behind everyone's backs in the mod forum, and in the interest of transparency and clear communication (even being power-mad assholes, we're not so bad) we've decided to post this; it's condensed from discussion behind closed doors in rooms full of cigar smoke.

A lot of the reason for clamping down on Testing was that you all were, quite frankly, getting too full of yourselves -- acting as if precedents could be treated as hard-and-fast rules, as if you could lodge complaints about moderators for not following precedents, and as though Testing had some sort of sovereignty within the board. Now, we're not a bunch of fuckheads out to quash your fun; we just needed to make it clear that we reserve the right to arbitrarily delete or lock threads in Testing. The board has undergone major restructuring; hopefully you realize that you can't publicly take us to task for interfering in your playground, and so you guys can have it back.

Here's the deal, then. We'll keep an eye on things and try to consistently enforce a couple of guidelines that aren't explicitly mentioned in the Testing policy: No griping about the board, Testing bullshit stays in Testing, and don't forget that since Testing is ultimately a disposable forum, we reserve the right to run rampant. That's your end of the bargain. Ours? We'll keep things fair, we won't stand vigilant and oppressive over Testing, quashing every spammy thread. Maybe once or twice in a blue moon, we'll bring down the Cleansing FireTM just for fun, but we'll try not to make it more than sporadic.

As long as everyone keeps this in mind, Testing can go back to the way it was before Drama. This concludes this public service announcement.

Addendum: Locked, and no: Page three lock is not coming back. That is a permanent change in Testing policy.

Any other questions, PM a mod.

Made a couple of minor edits. ~D

Re: Testing Policy

Posted: 2012-06-09 11:30am
by Dalton
No stickies. Anything to be saved should be moved immediately and split if necessary from the new forum.