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Rules for this forum

Post by Darth Wong » 2005-07-02 01:00am

In addition to the general board rules, the "Star Wars vs Star Trek" forum has a couple of specific rules of its own:
  1. No more threads poking fun at Darkstar's latest bizarre delusional rantings. It's amusing to make fun of him for seriously arguing that when Leia says "the fleet will be here any moment" she actually means "tomorrow", but it's been done so many times here that it's gotten stale and old. If you must beat this dead horse, do it in the Hall of Shame.
  2. No more scenarios pitting SW fighters against ST ships. As Vympel said in his original posting on this matter: "These have been done to death, people. The answer is always the same- it depends on the warheads the SW fighters are carrying, which vary in firepower from the megaton to gigaton range, and whether there's enough ST ships to do the job of sniping off the fighters."
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