Maximum range of turbolasers (Last Jedi spoilers)

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Re: Maximum range of turbolasers (Last Jedi spoilers)

Post by Silver Jedi » 2018-01-31 12:14pm

Patroklos wrote:
2018-01-31 04:55am
WATCH-MAN wrote:
2018-01-31 04:20am
Patroklos wrote:
2018-01-28 12:35am
I am not sure why people are putting forward mass drivers as an explanation of why the Supremacy's fire arcs. A mass driver in a vacuum goes in a straight line too.
Would it appear so if all ships are accelerating?
In space, a ship would hold its velocity and could deactivate its engines. It needs its engines only to change its velocity.
And yet the fuel supplies of the Rebel fleet was dwindling.
Ergo: The Rebel fleet had its engines activated the whole time.
Ergo: The Rebel fleet was accelerating the whole time.
Ergo: The First Order fleet was accelerating too.
But if a First Order ship fires a mass-driver-projectile, it would - after leaving the mass driver - fly with a constant velocity while the Rebel fleet and the First Order fleet were accelerating.
Ergo: It makes sense that from the perspective of an observer that has the same velocity as the fleets and thus does not notice the fleets acceleration, the mass driver projectiles would not fly in a straight line.
They are in a chase, one directly behind the other, so what you would actually see (well measure as the distances are too close and the time too short to actuall SEE), is that the projectile would appear to slow its closing velocity as it approached the Raddus.

Its possible that given the beam of the Supremacy that if it was using a weapon's emplacement from one of its "wing" tips, meaning the firing angle does not coincide with the thrust vector of either ship so there would be a curve observed. I don't believe we observe this, or at least not at an offset we would be able to visibly notice it.
Yeah, what we observed makes no sense even if they are under constant acceleration. They're firing more or less parallel to the direction the ships are accelerating in, but the shots are arcing "downward" as if they're under perpendicular acceleration.
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