Death Squadron in the Milky Way(RAR)

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Re: Death Squadron in the Milky Way(RAR)

Post by The Romulan Republic » 2017-05-30 08:06pm

NeoGoomba wrote:Yeah, Vader is no fool. Any ship that becomes ineffective will either be repurposed or stripped and detonated. Knowing that their tech edge will be the only thing keeping such a small force alive in a hostile galaxy, Vader and his troops will guard their gadgets jealously.

Man, I'd love to see how Vader would develop without Palpatine's constant goading, especially if he's trying to carve out a splinter Empire of his own. He's been proven to actually give a shit about his rank and file, and all his strategic and tactical skills he developed in the Clone Wars would need to be used and strengthened after atrophying as Palpatine's button man.

I doubt he'd become a benevolent despot, but a more in-control Vader is intriguing to me.
I don't think that he'd necessarily be any worse than most absolute rulers in history, when you get down to it. And probably a good deal more competent than many. Modern human rights laws, dear though I hold them, are a fairly recent development (and still sadly often disregarded by those in power). It is a sad reality of history that great men, and particularly great rulers, are very often not good men. And Vader never struck me as the cackling mad kind of Sith, nor the straight-up sociopath kind of Sith. The Dark Side influences him, certainly, be he seems to usually be able to channel it into a more focused and controlled anger. His main weakness as a leader is that I don't think he has the patience for politicking. If he runs into any problems that he can't solve with superior technology, Force powers, or military force, he will need to have deputies to delegate to.

Weather his reign would represent an improvement for those who fell under his power would depend on their politics, and the state of affairs before he took power. Political dissidents would face an enemy far more deadly than most local tyrants. For the Klingons (if they could stomach a human ruler) or the Cardassians, I think Vader's rule might well be a net improvement, at least leaving aside concerns about the metaphysical evil of the Dark Side. Certainly for much of the Delta Quadrant.

For the Federation, though, it would be a loss, as they have been doing quite well under a more liberal and peaceful government.

Edit: Of course, this does not address the fact that Vader's redemption may be pre-destined by the Will of the Force.
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Re: Death Squadron in the Milky Way(RAR)

Post by DarthPooky » 2017-05-31 01:40am

Can Trek ships scan while in warp? Does warp automatically route around obstacles? The reason hyperspace scouting takes so long in SW is that they can't scan while in hyperspace. They have to repeatedly jump and decant, stopping to scan each time. But if a Trek ship can scan while moving at warp speed, it might not take long at all. Of course, it may take some time for the Empire to figure this out.
Ships in Star Wars can scan wile in Hyperspace there's plenty of examples of this that Bryan Yong dose a good job pointing out.

As for the Hypermatter issue hears the canon explanation for how its created from Wookieepedia.
The inner planets of the Redhurne system cracked open, exposing their cores to the toxic rays of the Redhurne star, which transmuted the cores into exotic new materials that could be used as the building blocks for hypermatter. These materials were collected from the planetary cores by mining droid for the Galactic Empire.[
Given this explanation it wouldn't surprise me that similar things would happen in the Star Trek galaxy. How often and how many is a different matter but it dose seem to me that you could fined Hypermatter in the Star Trek galaxy.

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