The Force Awakens/Star Trek Online crossover- You are the Federation President.

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The Force Awakens/Star Trek Online crossover- You are the Federation President.

Postby The Romulan Republic » 2016-01-27 04:39am

Inspired by this thread: ... 2&t=164486

And possibly this one: ... 2&t=164490

And of course by Star Wars, particularly The Force Awakens, and Star Trek, particularly Star Trek Online.

Scenario: You are elected President of the United Federation of Planets one year before the start of the game Star Trek Online, in a surprise victory.

Shortly after your election, a Federation starship operating near the border at the point closest to the now destroyed Romulan home system stumbles upon a wormhole. They send a probe through and discover something extraordinary. Not only is the wormhole stable, but it leads to another galaxy altogether, and specifically the edge of the system of Takodana, home of one Maz Kanata, a week before the events of The Force Awakens begin.

You retain all your real world knowledge, courtesy of Q.

How do you proceed?

Edit: Also, if you want to post your thoughts on how you would handle this scenario as a leader of the Republic, Resistance, or First Order, or any non-Federation Star Trek faction, feel free.

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Re: The Force Awakens/Star Trek Online crossover- You are the Federation President.

Postby Lord Revan » 2016-01-27 05:07am

I'd probably start first contact carefully sending a trustworthy veteran crew who have first contact experience, while informing the Klingon Empire and Romulan Republic (Sela can go f*ck herself and there's no other major powers nearby). Only once first contact has been firmly established will I commit to anything.

I assume by "real world knowledge" you meant the info on plot of TFA, however I'd be careful to draw too many conclutions based on that since as Yoda said "always in motion the future is" and the presence of visitors from another galaxy is a huge X-factor in any plans the First Order, Republic or Resistance has.

as for the SW side I'd do more or less the same, until the capabilities of the visitors are know there's no point in being rash.

If I was the First Order leader I'd keep Kylo Ren as far away from the wormhole as possible so he wouldn't cause a diplomatic incident because he didn't get his (metaphorical) candy and threw tantrum, instead I'd send in diplomats (or what ever is the First Order equilevant to that). With the Republic/resistance I'd also send in diplomats first to see what we're dealing with. Yes I know technically I'd know what Federation is capable of but there's no way a First Order/Galactic Republic/Resistance leader would know that so best play it safe.

As for the Klingon Empire and Romulan Republic I'd go about more or less the same as the Federation. After all there no Honor in killing civilians and there's more value in a strong ally then an undefeatble enemy and the Romulan Republic is in need of allies anyway but must be careful to not end up a puppet of stronger power.Spoiler
Like the Romulan Star Empire ended up thanks to the Tal Shiar becoming puppets of the Iconians
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