Star Wars: Rebels fleet switch.

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Re: Star Wars: Rebels fleet switch.

Postby Prometheus Unbound » 2015-11-16 04:54am

Solauren wrote:Vader on board the Enterprise and pissed off means the Federation probably lost it's flagship.

Now, could Vader, having experienced the transporter, block it with the Force? We've seen a society of near-tech to the Federation create soldier that can deflect/redirect transporters via some chemical augmentations (anyone remember Rogar Danar?), so it's not to far fetched to think Vader could do that.

Not quite- his biology was designed to hide him from sensors.

Once they did get a lock, he didn't use any chemicals or technology, he just broke out of the confinement beam - which seemed to be fairly difficult to do. Once his arms were out the transporter (I guesss?) started an emergency shut down and terminated the beam attempt. This created a big flash of light and a bang.

Keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times, methinks.
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