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Rules for this forum

Posted: 2005-07-02 01:19am
by Darth Wong
In addition to the general board rules, the "Pure Star Trek" forum has a couple of specific rules of its own:
  1. If you are about to make a post whose entire content can be basically summarized as "Berman and Braga suck", don't bother. The horse is dead. Stop beating it. And certainly don't make any comments which could be construed as threats toward them.
  2. If you are about to make a post simply to laugh at the Federation for being incompetent or useless, don't bother. If you're going to attack them for being stupid, you should at least make a point of giving evidence and reasoning to show that they are stupid, rather than just ranting about it. This rule, like the previous rule, falls into the "stop beating the dead horse" category. A good example of the sort of post we want to discourage is someone who responds to a lengthy dissertation with a one-liner like "that's because warp cores explode when you sneeze on them :roll:"