"Short Treks" Discovery minisodes discussion (SPOILERS)

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"Short Treks" Discovery minisodes discussion (SPOILERS)

Post by Darth Lucifer » 2018-10-09 07:52pm

This is a catch-all discussion thread for the new short episodes from CBS All Access (and other sources, I'm not up to speed on the broadcasting rights and Netflix, etc.). Definitely spoiler territory; I've made some comments in other places and wanted to share the same thoughts here.

First, we have "Runaway." Many of my trekkie peers who like Discovery liked this a lot, it was really great to see Tilly again, plus some insight into her character. One person asked:
I didn't understand why the food replicators went crazy.
I'm convinced that Po is a technopath...The replicators going crazy happened when Po encountered Tilly for the first time and she was freaked out which psychically manifested itself in the machines around her immediate vicinity; the food replicators. Earlier, she activated the console to open the cargo container from across the bay and later, she also shut off Tilly's computer from several feet away. Being a technopath would also explain her natural affinity for advanced technology (but does NOT explain why she would sniff a computer console :P ).

With a runtime of only 13:20 (minus credits and Calypso trailer), "Runaway" was all too brief. I guess that's why it's called "Short Treks" but even 5-6 more minutes would have been nice.

From a character building standpoint, I think this episode is fantastic; seeing Mom and her reaction to her daughter applying for the Command Training program explains a lot about Tilly's personality in the beginning of the series; timid, lacking in confidence, afraid to take risks, etc. Now that's she's wiser and more seasoned, it was great to see the Starfleet officer impart her knowledge and experience to the younger alien girl in a way that her own mother failed to do.

I like the mention of recrystallizing dilithium, it reminded me of Scotty's feat of restoring warp to the Bounty in Star Trek IV. Tilly's reaction tells me that this technology is either unknown to the Federation or beyond Federation science at this point...then I pulled up the script for TVH:
SCOTT: It's these Klingon crystals, Admiral. The time-travel drained them. They're giving out. De-crystallising.
KIRK: Give me a round figure, Mister Scott.
SCOTT: Oh, twenty-four hours, give or take, staying cloaked. After that, Admiral, we're visible, ...and dead in the water. In any case, we won't have enough to break out of Earth's gravity, to say nothing of getting back home.
KIRK: I can't believe we've come this far only to be stopped by this! Is there no way to re-crystallise dilithium?
SCOTT: Sorry, sir. We can't even do that in the twenty-third century.
Once again, we see holographic images interacting with a live environment as if they were in the room with the speaker. Why doesn't this communication work both ways? At least Mom didn't sit on Tilly's furniture the way Sarek sat on Michael's desk in "The Vulcan Hello."

I think my biggest nitpick about the episode is how Po got on and off Discovery. I wonder how exactly she was able to get into a Starfleet cargo container in the first place. And how could she beam home unless A) Discovery was in orbit of Xahea or B) Discovery has the formula for transwarp beaming. Also, it seems like anybody can just walk into a transporter room (without a "breath scan" ugh) and use it willy-nilly without raising any suspicions or alarms. It wouldn't be the first time in Trek we've seen this gross lack of internal security; teenage boys stealing shuttlecraft and all...

I'm really hoping we get to see Xahea and Queen Po in a future installment of Star Trek: Discovery. :wink: :D :mrgreen: :P 8)

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