Discovery Series 2 News

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Re: Discovery Series 2 News

Post by Imperial Overlord » 2018-10-23 02:26am

So it looks like the Klingons are getting their hair back and there's a holo image of a D7/K't'inga. The explanation for hair change is apparently that is a tradition followed by some Klingons of shaving their hair in times of conflict, following the story of Kahless forging the first bat'leth from his own hair.
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Re: Discovery Series 2 News

Post by Vendetta » 2018-10-23 03:00am

The real reason of course is that everyone pointed out that with the big sloping shoulder pads and no hair all the Klingons looked like they had tiny heads.

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Re: Discovery Series 2 News

Post by Prometheus Unbound » 2019-01-16 09:53am

bilateralrope wrote:
2018-07-23 01:05am
A thought comes to mind: How often did the other Trek series face things that were a threat to the entire Federation ?

With the Season 2 trailer, STD has given us three:
- Klingon war.
- Mirror universe killing all the spores, wiping out all life in all universes.
- Those red flares in the trailer.

Meanwhile, I can only recall DS9 facing one Federation ending threat in its entire run. TNG faced a few (conspiracy aliens, borg, romulans, probably a few more I forgot about), plus another 2 in its movies. I can't recall the other series well enough to give numbers right now.
The movies alone give us V'Ger, the Whale Probe (I mean, if it kept going), the Borg and Shinzon's radiation.

TOS gave us the Doomsday Machine and *possibly* Nomad (it was a mini-V'ger). TNG had a number - Q, Conspiracy Aliens, Romulans, Borg, Borg Again and Q Continuum / Picard.

DS9 gave us the Dominion, the Par Wraiths (that one was the Universe, too) and a Civil War which could have split the Federation.

Voyager had Species 8472, The Borg (again), Omega... errr.... probably a couple of others here and there.

Enterprise gave us the Xindi, the Sphere Builders, Paxton (I guess?), the Romulans, The Borg (again)...
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Re: Discovery Series 2 News

Post by bilateralrope » 2019-01-16 10:46pm

Frequency matters. STD has given us at least 3 different Federation ending threats over 2 seasons. More Federation ending threats than the number of seasons.

The movies gave 5 threats over 10 movies (you forgot the Borg). That's 5 movies without a Federation ending threat.

I'm not sure if the TOS threats could be counted as Federation ending. Sure, the Doomsday Machine was a planet killer, but I don't recall if it was heading in a direction that made it a Federation ending threat or not. I remember even less about Nomad. Still, that's only 2 possible threats over 3 seasons.

For TNG:
- I don't think it's fair to count the borg more than once per series. They are the same threat each time, they just keep coming back differently. Same reason I'm only counting the Dominion once in DS9.
- Q never stuck me as a Federation ending threat as I don't remember him wanting the Federation destroyed. He just liked messing with Picard and Janeway.
- Q Continuum / Picard. I don't know what you mean here.
Counting all your threats, but only counting the borg once, that's 5 Federation ending threats over 7 seasons.

DS9: 3 Federation ending threats, 7 seasons.

Voyager. Still less Federation ending threats than the number of seasons it ran for.

Enterprise: The only other series to give us more Federation ending threats than the number of seasons. Though I'll have to take your word for it, I stopped watching it at the end of season 1.

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Re: Discovery Series 2 News

Post by amigocabal » 2019-01-18 12:24am

Just watched "Brother"

It should not be a spoiler that Captain Pike survives, of course. (We even hear him mention he is from Mojave, California).
It seesm Spock had already been tracking the mystery signals that Pike and the Discovery crew were trying to track, and he apparently had nightmares connected ton the mystery signals.

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Re: Discovery Series 2 News

Post by bilateralrope » 2019-01-18 02:58am

It's not up on Netflix for me yet, so I did some Googling. Turns out there is a 32.5 hour delay between the US release of an episode and the international release. I didn't see any explanation why.
New episodes of Star Trek Discovery season 2 release on CBS All Access on Thursdays, starting from Thursday, 17 January, and will become available to watch at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT. Internationally, episodes are released on Netflix on Fridays, starting from Friday, 18 January. As with most new Netflix releases, the episodes will become available at 12am PT/8am GMT. And here's an official release from Star Trek: Discovery's Twitter account confirming the episode times.
Just something to keep in mind when it comes to posting spoilers if we keep all the discussion in one thread.

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Re: Discovery Series 2 News

Post by Darth Lucifer » 2019-01-18 12:46pm

Spoilerized comments from S2, E1 "Brother:"
My only disappointments with this episode were that the guy in the blue shirt was Lieutenant Conolly and not Dr. Phillip Boyce. And that he did the tired cliche of "No! I'm OK! I'm alriIII-ARRGHHH!!!!" BOOM!!!!! Hell, that entire pod scene was basically a rehash of the sky diving from Star Trek (2009).

Spock's quarters was a great nod to the TOS era, from the circled dividers to the Vulcan bells seen in "Amok Time." The red corridor outside evoked a slight nostalgia to the original Connie; I only wish we had seen more of Enterprise inside and out.

The fortune cookie slip found on the floor of Lorca's ready room by Captain Pike was awesome foreshadowing and I predict we'll see him end up in a wheelchair sometime this season.

I liked Jet Reno, I hope she ends up as Discovery's chief engineer.

Overall, great way to kick off Season 2.

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Re: Discovery Series 2 News

Post by Grand Moff Yenchin » 2019-01-18 10:15pm

Pike's permanent disability happens after "The Cage" in the TOS timeline, so if the show really wants to put him in a wheelchair it'd either be temporary or there'd be some retconning or whatever masssaging on the timeline. Which I'm personally ok with as long as the story is good.

Jet Reno is awesome and badass and I'd like to see her go full time as well.
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Re: Discovery Series 2 News

Post by bilateralrope » 2019-01-20 05:49am

Anyone know why the black bars at the top and bottom of my screen were larger than they were in season 1 ?

As for the content of the episode, one big WTF: Spoiler
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