Worst Star Trek Movie?

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Re: Worst Star Trek Movie?

Post by Prometheus Unbound » 2017-08-12 07:32pm

Batman wrote:
2017-08-12 07:30pm
TMP at least had the theme and the absolutely stunning introduction to the rebuilt E-Nil. Nemesis had...nothing.
What are you on about? It had Data singing, some transparent green cymbals and B4's "Why does the man with the shiny head...". What's not to love?
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Re: Worst Star Trek Movie?

Post by DaveJB » 2017-08-14 01:54pm

For me, it's a close-run thing between Insurrection and Nemesis, because they suffer from much the same issue. They take potentially interesting themes and storylines - in the former, the ethics of relocating 500 to help billions, if not trillions of lives, and in the latter the impact one's upbringing has on the person they become - and treats them both in the most superficial, simplistic way possible. I'd say that Insurrection is just worse than Nemesis, however, since Nemesis at least has some good visuals and a few halfway decent action scenes, whereas Insurrection doesn't even have that.

The Final Frontier is pretty bad too, but it's definitely not the worst, because you can at least tell that everyone involved is genuinely trying to make the best out of a bad job, whereas with Insurrection Frakes clearly didn't like the material he was having to work with (which he more or less admits on the DVD commentary), Baird viewed Nemesis as nothing more than a paycheck, and in both cases that apathy carries through to the rest of the cast.

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Re: Worst Star Trek Movie?

Post by Darth Lucifer » 2017-08-15 05:16am

From what I have gathered, Nemesis was also sort of a vanity project for Brent Spiner; he was close friends with John Logan and the Argo scene was inserted because Patrick Stewart is sort of a car enthusiast in real life.

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Re: Worst Star Trek Movie?

Post by EnterpriseSovereign » 2017-08-30 05:01pm

IMO, Insurrection was the worst of the TNG films- the entire premise was stupid and flies in the face of Trek values.

Generations would have been OK had the battle against the Duras Sisters made any sense whatsoever (which has been debated again and again). It didn't help that it was a blatant copy of the previous film, with the Big-E getting the crap kicked out of it by a BOP.

One of the flaws it shares with the Nemesis battle is that much of the dialogue doesn't match up with what the visuals tell us.
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Re: Worst Star Trek Movie?

Post by PREDATOR490 » 2017-08-30 05:21pm

Nemesis - This was a disgusting fan-boy project focused exclusively around Spiner and Stewart. Any sense of continuity or sense is promptly shit on to the point the special effects are not even consistent.

The story is atrocious but when they are wasting insane amounts of time screwing around with a Dune Buggy for bullshit reasons... or completely ignoring the OTHER time the found a Soong Android which turned out badly. This is also the film that cemented Janeway getting promoted to Admiral as it's opening setup.

I cannot help but feel Nemesis was almost a deliberate middle finger.

I cannot say any other Star Trek film has left me with that impression and this includes the inane bullshit of killing the bad guys by blaring out music.

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Re: Worst Star Trek Movie?

Post by Q99 » 2017-08-31 10:26pm

I don't think it was deliberately a middle finger because it seemed too thoughtless in how it did so. Like... forgetting Lore is something one does by accident, not design.

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