A failed experiment of mine

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A failed experiment of mine

Post by SolarpunkFan » 2017-04-14 07:28pm

I had thought of a fictional DC Comics team-up called "Therian Team" (I know, I suck) consisting of the following characters:

Tom Bronson A.K.A. "Tomcat".

Hugh Dawkins A.K.A. "Tasmanian Devil" (oh look, I'm an obsessive nerd too, surprise :roll: ).

And Beast Boy (I don't think I need to link to info about him).

I was planning on doing a concept of the three in a single image, I even installed a font in GIMP that I thought would fit the image.

The problem is that I suck at making art. I got about this far with Taz (link instead of embed because there's a very real chance it's hideous enough to cause blindness): http://i.imgur.com/Ip7zl08.png

In retrospect I should have known better. I suck at making art whether it's by hand or using a digital editor. And I knew that beforehand.

Regardless, I thought I'd share this, though I guess it's not a good idea (and probably in the wrong forum to boot). Meh, everyone feel feel free to wale on me. :|
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