So I did a Book

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So I did a Book

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Apologies if this violates the rules, but I wanted to put out there that I have published a book! It's sci-fi, because I'm a geek, so that was inevitable, and it's currently available via two places, depending on where you are in the world. If you're in the US, the best bet is via ... -awakening, and if you're in the UK, your best shout is Amazon -

The blurb: The powerful Chon’ith Empire has expanded rapidly and aggressively, conquering all in their path. Stubborn and dogmatic, the Chon’ith do not accept retreat, and for years their passionate approach to warfare has won them many battles - until they pick a fight with a clever, cunning enemy.

Superior Chief Seluban watches as his fleet torn is apart by the superior tactics and technology of their new foe and does the unthinkable - he retreats. Excommunicated and shamed, he is banished to Coward’s Forge, an inhospitable wasteland, but he knows time is against his Empire. Somehow he must unite a band of outcasts and lead them to revolution before everything he loves is destroyed - but will he destroy it from within first?

If you do buy it, I'd greatly appreciate a review!
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